College-Based Objectives

Learning Objectives of Year-Round Tri-Level Course Program

Our mission is to provide students the opportunity to take their ideas and concepts and turn them into products by using 3D CAD design software (design), as well as 3D printers (reality) and electronic circuits & coding.

  • Create 3D models with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software, Creo Parametric
  • Create technical orthographic views with hand-drawn drafting skills
  • Create orthographic views with real dimensions in inches or millimeters
  • Learn about projected, visible, hidden, and center lines
  • Apply industry standards with engineering design methodology
  • Measure physical geometry with digital calipers
  • Simultaneously panned, zoomed and rotated with 3D space mouse, while the standard mouse is used for selection, creation and editing tasks
  • Re-construct physical parts to digital models
  • Build assemblies of 3D CAD parts and check for interference with section views
  • Print the CAD models to 3D-printed objects
  • Analyze the mass properties and centers of gravity
  • Build electronic circuits on microcontroller boards
  • Program using C/C++ language
  • Simulate to see how electronics will respond in real life
  • Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and spatial-visualization skills
  • Create working prototypes by connecting the physical world to the digital world with proven methodology
  • Build project-based STEM portfolios with hands-on experience
  • Earn certificates upon each level completion