College-Based Objectives

Learning Objectives of Year-Round Tri-Level Course Program

Our innovative STEM education provides students the opportunity to take their ideas and turn them into three-dimensional objects by using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software (design), as well as 3D printers (reality), and electronic circuits & coding.

  • Create 3D models with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software, Creo Parametric
  • Create technical orthographic views with hand-drawn drafting skills
  • Create orthographic views with accurate dimensions
  • Learn about projected, visible, hidden, and center lines
  • Apply industry standards with engineering design methodology
  • Measure physical objects with digital calipers
  • Simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate the 3D models with 3D space mouse
  • Re-construct physical parts to digital models
  • Build assemblies of 3D CAD parts and check for interference with section views
  • Slice the CAD models and orient the objects for best 3D print results
  • Analyze the mass properties and centers of gravity
  • Build electronic circuits with microcontroller boards
  • Learn how to code the circuits using C programming language
  • Simulate to see how electronics will respond in real life
  • Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and spatial-visualization skills
  • Create working prototypes by connecting the physical world to the digital world with proven methodology
  • Build project-based STEM portfolios with hands-on experience
  • Gain academic benefits
  • Earn certificates upon each level completion