College-based objectives

The mission of our unique STEM program is to provide students the opportunity to take their ideas and concepts and turn them into products by using the state-of-the-art engineering CAD and math software (design), as well as 3D printers and interactive coding on electronics circuits and robots (reality).

Learning Objectives of Year-Round Tri-Level Course Program:

  • Create orthographic and isometric drawings with touchscreen laptop, stylus, and Sketchbook software
  • Create 3D models with advanced 3D CAD software, Creo Parametric
  • Create orthographic views in dual dimensions [in/mm]
  • Learn about projected, visible, hidden, and center lines
  • Apply industry standards in engineering design methodology
  • Measure physical parts with digital calipers
  • Spatially visualize 3D objects by spinning the models with 3D space mouse
  • Re-construct 3D-printed parts
  • Build assemblies of 3D CAD parts and check for interference in section views
  • Turn 3D CAD designs into physical models using Cura and 3D printers
  • Learn to analyze mass properties and centers of gravity
  • Use basic mathematical formulas in Mathcad Express
  • Learn critical thinking and spatial-visualization skills
  • Create drawings to build portfolio and back them up to Google Drive
  • Learn interactive robotics by integrating electronics